Worcestershire Section


Ride to the Moon - Sunday 5th November 2017


Thanks to Stephen Morris for the report and pictures


The Sae 50 in the Huntmaster looked more like treacle than lubricant as I checked that it was returning to the tank just before setting off for Bromyard on Sunday morning. The day was bright and clear but my word it was chilly.



Considering the time year there was a very good turnout including Paul who was out with the section for the first time. He was riding an Indian Enfield that looked like it had some very practical upgrades.Welcome we hope to see you again. There should be a picture of man and machine hereabouts.


We left the square promptly at ten all heading in the same direction despite a slightly confusing first instruction on the route card.


Coffee was at Westons and when we pulled into the carpark a very nice Featherbed Norton twin was already there. It was a welcome break and opportunity to warm up a little though we left to the only significant rain of the whole run.


An uneventful ride through typically unspoilt Herefordshire countryside saw us at the Moon by not long after midday where lunch was served with their usual cheery efficiency including Vension as a main course option,  an exotic departure for a VMCC lunch.


The mileage was quite modest the scenery great, the company brilliant with everyone home in time for tea ! A grand day out. What more could anyone ask for?


Thanks to Pete and Jan for doing all the organising.


Oh by the way Richard said that some people from overseas had told someone he knows that the way to stop a Goldwing missing in the wet is to apply underseal to certain delicate electrical parts! Never going to happen !